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Credit Reports
National Credit Reporting provides members with their choice of nationwide credit reports from Equifax(CBI), TransUnion, or Experian (TRW). Our reports are reformatted (allow user to view our sample report) and easy to read. Each reports includes a summary of data, tradelines, collections, and public records.

Eviction Checks
National Credit Reporting's database of Unlawful Detainer filings is unsurpassed on the west coast. We employ individuals to collect UD filings (allow user to click here and view sample) from each and every court in CA, WA, OR, ID, NV and AZ. Our database is updated daily to provide the most current and comprehensive information available.

Criminal Records
We will conduct a search of Criminal Convictions (click here to view sample) in any county across the nation. Our reports include all information available regarding convictions as the records are physically searched on a case by case basis.

Sex Offender Registration
In keeping with our dedication and commitment to meeting the needs of all of our clients, we provide Federally Assisted properties with statewide Sex Offender Registry searches.

Employment Verifications
Our customer service representatives will take the work our of verifying employment. With a full staff 6 days a week, our highly trained employees will contact your applicant's employer and provide you with a computer generated verification of their current employment.

Landlord History Verification
National Credit Reporting has a department of representatives dedicated to contacting the previous landlords of your applicant. With expertise and knowledge of the industry our customer service representatives will obtain a previous rental history report in a timely manner.

Detech/Social Security Search
As a credit reporting agency, National Credit Reporting can provide you with an investigative report on a social security number ( click here and view sample). This will allow you to verify the owner of a particular number and detect fraudulent use or falsification of information. This report may also be useful as a skip-tracing tool in some cases.

Business Reports
National Credit Reporting can supply members with an Experian (TRW) credit profile on corporations and established companies. This report is an extensive history reported by creditors including public records and UCC filings.

Add-On Products (To be added to Basic Credit Report for Optimal Fraud Protection)
Credit Scoring
Our reports may be garnished with a credit score. This score reflects an internal rating system that is applied to all credit reports and indicates your applicant's credit worthiness and future default risk.

As a feature that may be added to any credit report, this tool will allow you to detect any fraudulent activity on a particular report. The SafeScan will supply up to 19 different warnings on each report as well as a free Social Security number search on any "no record found" applicants.

For added protection, you may obtain information on checking account activity with a Telecheck preference added to your reports. By including a Driver's License number and the amount of a check to your request, you may search for any negligent check writing. This database will inform you of any "Insufficient Funds" or fraudulent check writing activity engaged in by your applicant.

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